OSIRIS : a national data sharing project


French group on the sharing and integration of clinico-biological data in oncology

A national collaborative initiative

OSIRIS is a national project launched by the Integrated Cancer Research Sites (SIRICs, French comprehensive cancer centers) accredited by the French National Cancer Institute (SIRIC label 2011-2012: SIRIC Marseille ; CARPEM ; ONCO LILLE C2RC ; SOCRATE ; SIRIC MONTPELLIER ; BRIO ; SIRIC-Curie ; LYric).

The network has proposed a list of 130 clinical and -omic items. This “OSIRIS set” establishes a minimum dataset for the sharing of clinico-biological data in oncology. The list is based on a conceptual and temporal cancer disease model agreed upon within the group.

The OSIRIS set has been organized with a terminology designed to be scalable and modular. In the future other specific terminology aspects will be added according to localization (breast, lung, digestive tract etc.), treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy), and analysis (e.g. other genomics fields).

A network of federated databases

The OSIRIS set is being used at each partner site (Centre Léon Bérard, Institut Curie, Institut Bergonié, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou, Institut du Cancer Montpellier, Institut Paoli-Calmettes, Gustave Roussy, UNICANCER, Hôpital Saint Louis). The objective is to create an ambitious network of searchable federated databases to retrieve summary statistics from across the network.

The scalable system is currently based on open source I2B2 and SHRINE tools.

The network aims to deploy the system to other centers and accelerate cancer research through improved data-sharing and subsequent use of data.

This project received significant support from the French National Cancer Institute (INCa_12600).

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